COVID-19 achieved in 1 month what the banks never managed to achieve in 3 years

Published on - May 07, 2020 - View all articles


In the last three years, incredible efforts were made by companies to move most of their customers’ actions online, and that holds especially true about banking companies. Electronic transactions would save banks millions of euros in operational costs, raising their profit margins. Despite the expensive advertisement campaigns as well as the benefits offered to customers, the project never attracted many people. All of this changed though due to the new conditions imposed by the coronavirus. In a month, 70% of people wanted to do their bank transactions, and any other type of transactions, electronically. This new trend has expanded into ecommerce, with online stores being more popular than ever.

This new age, then, calls us to be upgraded electronically, to fulfil the necessary criteria, and to reconsider our strategy.

This way, the damages from this unexpected crisis will be limited, and in some cases, we might even find ourselves racing ahead, due to new opportunities and perspectives.

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