Covid 19 vs Business

Published on - May 04, 2020 - View all articles


The challenges of a new age

The coronavirus pandemic has “invaded” the function of our businesses. Many challenges and dangers have been presented, as well as opportunities. What has changed, and how can we adjust to the new data?

According to the latest statistics, the following changes have been observed:

  • There are 50% more internet and social media users.
  • Online sales have increased by 70%.
  • Online fraud and internet crimes have increased by 30–40%.

How can a business react to the new data? 

Businesses must build their strategic foundation on the new data and create a communication program with their customers, as well as the search engines. That means that their webpages must be updated at least once or twice a week as well as their social media. The content that is upload can be educational, inspirational, promotional, or informational.

These are services that Dacor Advertising and Media can offer you. Specifically, our company offers: 

  • Digital marketing and audio-visual services.
  • Web development and automations.
  • Marketing, advertising, and designing services.
  • Events organising and PR services.

An incredible opportunity

The prices for online advertising have been reduced, so we can take advantage of this chance and advertise to more people, or with a lower budget. This, however, must be a targeted and appropriate action, with suitable advertisements, the right messages, and the correct settings in our campaigns.

Both our webpages and our social media must fulfil the five stages in the consumer’s purchasing behavior.

Problem or need recognition—AWARENESS 

Our presence must be “intense.” This will help us be the first choice of future or existing clients when they start searching.

The search for information—CONSIDERATION 

When the buyer starts searching how to satisfy one of his needs, he must be able to find us easily, but we must also be ready to win him over in many important points.

Evaluation of alternatives—THE CHOICE 

In this stage, the buyer will choose how and with which company he’ll satisfy one of his needs. Important issues in this point include trust, good presentation, user friendliness of the webpage, and the security in his transaction. In this point, the opinions of past buyers are incredibly important.


The purchase of a service or a product must be a pleasant and easy experience for the buyer. It’s important to offer support and guidance to our client so that he feels he’s correct in his choice, proud even for buying what he bought.

Post-purchase evaluation—RETENTION 

The most important part for a company is being able to keep their clients, and these clients being the company’s best advertisers. Especially in a small community like that of Cyprus, an acquaintance’s or relative’s good review who’s a happy customer of the company is truly a treasure. So, a good relationship with our clients, the weapons of a personal approach and decent manners that remind them that we’re there for them if they need us, will help in many sectors of the company.

All of the above must be taken into consideration in the communication strategy we use with our clients. Continuous and regular communication, with our clients as well as our potential clients and the search engines, is the most important thing.

In short, what our company needs is a well-made webpage, well-made social media, well-designed advertisement campaigns, easy purchasing methods, good client relationships, and the most important one, communication with our clients.

So, the following questions arise:

  • Who are our clients, and who are our potential clients?
  • Do we have a good relationship with our clients? Do we remind them of our presence?
  • Is our website well built, especially in regard to SEO, security, user experience, the calls to action, and buyer retention, and is it Google friendly?
  • Are we using the appropriate strategy?
  • Are our advertisements well designed?
  • Can we handle the rendering of services and products?

We’re entering a new age, where ecommerce will help businesses survive for the next one or two very hard years, while at the same time, it will earn more and more supporters. The business that is best prepared against their competitors will have advantage over them. If we aren’t progressing correctly, our competitor will.